About Handcrafted Log Homes

Handcrafted Log Homes began as a division of DeWitt Builders started in 1993. They built a company that encompassed all phases of custom log home building. Their primary goal was to build a home equal in both beauty and value resulting in long term customer satisfaction. For over 20 years they accomplished this goal by combining quality materials and craftsmanship with each client's personal desires, customizing each home to the customer's individual personality & lifestyle.

Meet the Owner


Kaz Kunishige became the new owner in May of 2014. He completed the Carpentry Course at WDTI in 1998 after which worked full time for Handcrafted Log Homes. Kaz received his Structural Engineering degree from the SD School of Mines & Technology in 2009. He has worked in all aspects of the building process from an initial design to the completion. He is committed to continuing the quality and reputation of log home building that the Dewitt created.



Handcrafted Log Homes has won multiple "Master Craftsmanship" awards from the CIC (Construction Industry Center), along with the "People's Choice Award" from the Black Hills Home Builders Association. Our homes have been called "a work of art set apart from all other construction". With this strong reputation, we have gained a solid client base with lasting friendships. Combining our integrity and creativity with experience and knowledge, Handcrafted Log Homes looks forward to working with you.

Picture of Kaz Kunishige

Kaz Kunishige

Log craftsman for 18 years.
Log Structural Designer,
Log Staircase Expert
“I love my job!”

Picture of Chris Diede
Log Finisher

Chris Diede

10 years of log construction services. Detail carpenter, tile setter, sheetrocker, and great chinker. "Building log homes has been my dream since I was in high school."

Picture of Trevor Brown
Log Craftsman

Trevor Brown

Concrete construction experiences. Log construction master, precise notching and milling. A Hercules in the crew. "My kids want a log home like the company logo. I hope I will build it in a few years by myself."

Picture of Kelvin O'Shaughnessy
Log Craftsman

Kelvin O'Shaughnessy

Ex- B1 Bomber Electrical Mechanic. Educated in electronics engineering Solution strategist. "It's really nice to see beautiful houses after spending all those hours of hard work building them. These houses are truly forms of art."

Picture of Arelene O'Shaughnessy

Arelene O'Shaughnessy

BA in Education. CAD drafter, detail worker, and site organizer. "Handcrafted Log Homes gives me the opportunity to discover more of my capability on doing things other than my expertise and gives me a chance to meet good people and have great working relationships."