Let’s Get Started

1. Contact us and tell us what you are looking for.
2. We will visit your building site and get more detail.
3. The first proposal plan will be presented.
4. Discuss more detail and revise the plan until everyone agree.
5. We will quote for each building process.
6. Contract and start production.

Let’s Start Building

1 – Select Timber

Our select logs originate in the Northern Rocky Mountains. We use mostly Lodge Pole Pine with Spruce for our larger diameter logs and Douglas Fir for the timber frame.

3 – From the Bottom

We prebuild the log homes in our yard for safety, quality and productivity.

5 – Disassemble

We drill structural pin holes and electric wire holes. All logs are numbered and then we disassemble the home.

2 – Hand Peeled

We carefully hand peel and work each log's characteristics to find the best fit and function of each log.

4 – To the Top

We carefully fit each log in its place and ensure the perfection of the fit.

6 -On Site Assembly

Once at the site, we reassemble the home. This generally takes 2-4 days.

Timber Frame

Handcrafted Log Homes can also fill your timber framing needs. We custom mill each timber to a specified size and dimension using various species of wood. Our experienced craftsmen cut precise mortice and tenon joints with very tight tolerances. The art of timber framing has many styles, and we can create a timber framed home, barn, or other structure to match your specific taste and style. Each timber is cut precisely to fit its matching timber using bypass tenons, mortice & tenon, or notched connections. Each connection is made fast by insertion of hardwood pegs to secure. Nearly every joint is secured using wood pegs instead of mechanical fasteners.

Do you need Professionals to project and build your Dream Home?

We offer skilled drafters, craftsmen and builders to make your dreams come true.


Handcrafted Log Homes offers you the choice between full scribed or a chink style log home. Whichever style you prefer, your home will be crafted by hand to reveal the natural character and beauty of each log. Hand-peeling the raw logs begins this process. After our carvers carefully scribe a log, they use chain saws and other hand tools to notch the entire length of the log to fit the log beneath. We use full length logs (no butt joints), and a saddle-notch is used at the corners. The full scribe gives you a tighter fit aiding in the energy efficiency of your log home. Remember, the thermal mass of solid wood enables the logs to absorb, store, and radiate heat back in the winter and cool air during the summer. A Handcrafted Log Home is not only natural beauty but also energy efficient and practical.